Welcome to Delmar Petroleum

Incorporated in 1993, Delmar Petroleum Company Ltd is an oil and gas trading company specializing in the sales, distribution and storage of petroleum products. Delmar provides wholesale and retail distribution of petroleum products through its networks, both locally and internationally. Delmar has storage facilities for coastal and inland petroleum products, as well as the necessary skills, assets and infrastructure for supplying and trading refined and unrefined petroleum products across the world.

Delmar business activities extend to a variety of petroleum services and products, making the company a highly significant player in the Oil and Gas industry.

Delmar transports petroleum products by barge to her various offshore locations for our numerous customers, while trucks are used to serve those on land.

At Delmar Petroleum Company, we understand that Nigeria, and indeed the entire world, needs all the energy it can deliver to sustain life. With our expertise and advanced technology, we are devising new and improved means to deliver needed energy from conventional crude oil and natural gas to the emerging energy sources of the future.

  • Professionalism
  • Quality Service
  • Passion
  • Good training
  • Safety


At Delmar, we operate with the highest sense of professionalism, inculcating a culture of integrity, skill and competence in the delivery of a quality service. Our clients can always depend on our ability to deliver quality service.