Our Products & Services
  • Marketing and distribution of crude and refined petroleum products in Nigeria and around the world.
  • Provision of Petroleum and Crude Oil logistics and transport
  • Provision of Petroleum Products storage facilities
  • Provision of Geological studies relating to oil and gas exploration
  • Petroleum business consultancy
Delmar Marketing & Distribution
Delmar has a fleet of marine equipment and vessels which include ocean tankers, barges and tugboats through our sister company Delta Marine Shipping Company to meet the operational requirements of Delmar Petroleum Company in a demanding and dynamic market place.

This arrangement between Delmar Petroleum Company and Delta Marine is formalized in a memorandum of understanding.

This initiative complements Delmar's business prerogative and thus has begun to yield results, with 100% success in the execution of all contracts within specified time frames.

Extensive trucking facilities and arrangements are also in place to ensure that we deliver our products at the shortest possible notice to our onshore customers.

Delmar's sophisticated storage facilities enable a minimum requirement time of twenty four hours notice for truck load and forty eight hours for marine deliveries. This is made possible through our state of the art loading bays and extensive storage facility.
Company’s Facilities
Fleet & other equipment
  • Delmar Eagle
  • MT Delmar Pride
  • MT Favour (Formerly Niyazi-S)
  • MT Anointing
  • MV Uche
  • MT Sheba
The Company's storage tanks are calibrated and equipped with discharging and loading pumps. They are installed with meters for accuracy.
Delmar Source of Products
Delmar Petroleum Company Limited is licensed to deal in crude and refined products in all the countries in which we operate. In addition, we have direct product allocations from some major oil producing countries, as well as strategic alliances with reputable refineries and collaborations with major crude and refined petroleum traders across the globe. This ensures our clients’ demands are met promptly with high-quality products and efficient services.
Existing Clientele Base
Apart from spot supplies made to a good number of our clients over the years, we have signed term contracts with some of the major players in the Oil and Gas industry, some of which are indicated below:
  • Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited
  • Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited
  • Chevron Nigeria Ltd
  • Transocean Sedco Forex
  • Conoco Energy
  • Nexen Oilfield Services
  • Weatherford Nigeria Ltd
  • Techno Oil Limited
  • Crushed Rock Industries
  • Intels Nigeria Ltd
  • AOS Orwell
  • Saipem
  • Nigeria Bottling Company Plc
  • Edison Chouest Offshore Nig Ltd
  • Gitto Construction Company Limited
  • Dangote Industries Ltd
  • TotalfinaElf Producing Company Limited
  • Nigeria Agip Oil Company
  • Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas
  • Seabulk Offshore Services
  • AMNI International
  • Halliburton Energy Services Ltd